The River Is High, The Falcons Look Good, The Mute Swans Are Back

April 12, 2011. The tercel is sitting on the edge of the nesting box on top of the One Capital Center in Boise. The female is off flying around. They have just completed some aerial maneuvers. The eggs are

doing fine and can be left alone for some period of time.
The Peregrine Fund stated on their web page that, “After the first egg arrived last week, many viewers were concerned about the eggs being left exposed in the nest for extended periods. This is normal and according to nature’s design. Typically, Peregrine Falcons do not begin incubating until the third egg arrives so that all the eggs hatch about the same time. If incubation began with the first egg on the first day, one chick would hatch a week sooner than the last one. That would be a problem at feeding time because the taller chick would have a clear advantage.
Though our spring weather has been cool, the eggs are capable of withstanding temperatures below freezing. The chicks do not develop much inside the egg until incubation begins. Although the eggs appear to be alone at times, you can be sure that at least one parent is nearby, ready to fend off intruders outside of camera range.” We will continue to post these bits of information from The Peregrine Fund when they are appropriate from questions received from the readers, both here and on Facebook. In the meantime, here are some more photos of along the Boise Greenbelt and the appearance of Mute Swans.

The Boise River is running high, swift and cold to make room in the dams for the Spring run-off.

Mute Swans and Canada Geese, Veterans Pond, Boise Greenbelt.

Mute Swan

Western Screech Owl with insomnia!


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