Latest News on the Boise Peregrines

Here is some more interesting information from the Peregrine Fund’s web site. The information brings us up-to-date on the nesting pair and their eggs. Keep Looking Up!

5 May
Now three weeks old, the embryos are developing quickly, assuming all is well in the eggs. If we could peek inside, the internal organs, a circulatory system, and skeleton would be visible, as would a beating heart, feathers, and a beak.

Last year, all four chicks hatched, fledged, and survived at least the first few months of their lives. The adults were not as fortunate in 2009, when one of their four eggs did not hatch and one of the three chicks was killed by a power line shortly after leaving the nest. The mortality rate for young Peregrines in their first year is about 70%, according to Fish and Game biologist Bruce Haak. In general, however, a plentiful supply of birds to prey upon and a lack of predators make Boise a good place to raise a falcon family.


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