Boise Falcon Fans – Incubation and Hatching

There have been several questions asked as to when the eggs will hatch and then how long until the hatchlings fly – fledge. From Library Think Quest concerning Peregrine Falcons,

The eggs have to be incubated for 29 – 33 days, and have to be turned over to develop properly. But sometimes if the egg breaks, one of the parents eat the inside of the egg, probably to keep the nest clean.

When the incubating is done, the falcon eyases may take three days from the time they start to break out of the egg until they are fully hatched. When the hatchlings hatch they have a big appetite. The mother falcon broods the chicks, keeping them warm with special hot spots on her body called brood patches until their body gets efficient at making heat at about one week old, while the father hunts for his mate and chicks. Once the chicks are big enough to be left alone a little, the mother helps hunt too.

After 5-6 weeks the eyas are now fledgelings with their real feathers and are ready to fly. Fledgelings know how to fly with out being taught. Parent peregrines bring food to the edge of the nest, so the eyases push and shove to get to it. Finally the eyas fly off the edge to get to the food. Even after they fledge, or leave the nest to fly for the first time, they stay with their parents for about 2 months learning to hunt.

And from the Peregrine Fund,

Peregrines lay 3 – 4 eggs, which are incubated for about 34 days. The young falcons fledge 5 – 6 weeks after hatching.

Hope this helps. Keep Looking Up!


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