Boise Peregrine Information

There was a question posed to the Peregrine Fund a while back as to who was “in-charge” of the nesting box and the falcons in Boise. Here is the Peregrine Fund’s reply and I think it should satisfy even the most sceptic questioners. This reply was posted today on the Peregrine Fund’s web site. Actually, I found this to be interesting, especially the statement as to where one of the Boise peregrines died.

10 May
After Peregrine Falcons were removed from the U.S. Endangered Species List in 1999, the states became responsible for them. The falcons are protected by state and federal laws, so Fish and Game biologist Bruce Haak continues to monitor them.

Many viewers have asked about what becomes of the chicks, past and present. That’s hard to say because they are not outfitted with tracking devices, so we must wait until they are captured or recovered and their band numbers are reported. Here are a few tidbits on that topic from Bruce (Haak, Idaho Fish and Game Biologist):

One bird that hatched in Boise went to southern California two winters in a row before dying at the Los Angeles airport.
Peregrines disperse long distances – up to 400 miles from their natal site – before establishing pairs and breeding.
Pairs may defend an area roughly 20 miles in circumference, so the youngsters will likely go other places to breed.

I really appreciate getting this information from the Peregrine Fund. You can get it direct from them by clicking on their link in the sidebar and registering with them. This service is always free and it can be rather exciting. Thanks to the Peregrine Fund for supplying the information.


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