Boise Peregrine Falcon Update

Fledgling from the Boise 2010 season.

I received this information this morning. One more egg to hatch!! Anna noted that, “In case you hadn’t heard, we now have 3 snowy eyases downtown. Meant to post this much earlier, sorry.” Robin also commented on the feeding this morning, “First feeding that I’ve seen by mom at 11:30. One more egg to hatch.” I had the video stream on while doing some house work and baking bread, and the Falcon was very loud in communicating with the chicks. She was talking to the fourth egg.

The weather here in Boise is dreadful this morning. Cold rain and some snow earlier and that is very late for snow here in the valley. The Peregrine Fund also noted the dreadful weather conditions in their web post this morning.

16 May
Hatching began Sunday afternoon and three chicks were visible in the nest about 8:40 a.m. today. If all is well, the fourth chick will emerge within the next three days. The hatching took place during cold, windy, wet, even snowy spring weather, but the parents will keep them close for up to two weeks to ensure that the chicks stay warm until they are old enough to regulate their own body temperatures.

I have been asked why I don’t use a screen capture to post some of the action at the nest. I was told that the use of any screen captured images of the Boise falcons is forbidden and that the images are copyrighted. But Keep Looking Up! It starts to get fun now and especially when the eyasses begin to grow their feathers and they start to “wander”. Cheers!


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