Boise Peregrine Falcon Camera

The Boise downtown camera is back online, after being down again today. If you suffer from Peregrine Camera Withdrawal, then you might consider looking at the falcon camera from our friends to the South in Salt Lake City. They have two cameras on the nest, so you have a choice. Here is the link to the SLC Falcon Cam. Keep looking up because the Boise eyases are growing fast! They have really gained weight and their feathers are looking fine. When the wind blows and lifts their feathers, you can see dark edges forming on the feathers. Just faint, but nonetheless, there. Look close. Cheers!



  1. Hello! Happy to find this blog! I spent many hours helping out on Temple Square in SLC during the 2009 nesting season. I felt so terrible when the birds fledged and all the cam viewers were left with nothing to look at, so I started a blog. Please visit I will again be helping out during the 2011 nesting season and will post photos and updates. It would be great if you could publish my blog link in one of your posts and I will do the same for you. ~~ Liz in SLC


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