Photos Of The Boise Peregrines

It was good to get to downtown Boise today and see the falcons flying around. Mostly the female as the male was sitting on the SE corner of the Banner Bank Building. Both parents were within 2 city blocks of the scrape. I think the eyases were calling as the female started to fly around and look in the scrape – the photo to the left. However she never landed there.

Here I am on the Eastman Garage roof. Good view from here. Good capture, Robin!

The male (tercel) is sitting on the Banner Bank Building.

The female (falcon) flies to the Davidson Building Tower.

She lands and watches from the tower.

This has been a historical favorite perch for the falcons. The Banner Bank Building, too.

So there you have it. If I could get some photos – screen shots or otherwise of the “chicks” – I would, but that is not possible. Keep Looking Up!


One comment

  1. Remember when we were watching the first batch and the most adventurous one hopped down out of the nest box and then could not figure how to get back in? The humans built a wooden step for them and the birds figured it out almost immediately!! WE kept worrying about one of them falling off the ledge but they never did! The babies are soooo sweet! Four of them too!


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