On The Boise Greenbelt While Waiting For The Falcons

The weather in Boise has been terrible the past week. Cold, rain, windy, snow in the mountains. Just yukky, First of June weather. It’s supposed to be in the mid to hi 70’s this time of year, even into the 80’s. Instead its been in the 50’s and 60’s. So, when I get the opportunity to take the bike on the Greenbelt, I do!

The pair of Cormorants to the left were off the Greenbelt and looking over the Boise River. They were a welcome sight. And it was good to see a pair together, which lends me to believe that there is a nest close-by. It would be great to see the “little ones” when they finally hatch and fledge. Something to watch for.

Here I captured the female isolated from the male with this beautifully soft, white and gray cloud behind her. She really stands out. Be sure to Left-Click the photos and see them full screen. Cheers! And Keep Looking Up! You might see something.


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