Boise Peregrine Chicks Banded

June 5, 2011, 0922
The Boise Falcon eyasses were all banded this morning by a team from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and assisted by the Peregrine Fund. The Fish and Game reported that Boise has two females and two males this year. It was an exciting 30 minutes or so as the parents of the eyasses were extremely upset that something was at the nest site and tormenting the chicks. The photo on the left shows just how aggressive the falcons can be when their territory is invaded, as the female flies in to say, “Hello!”. Fun and games for all involved. Enjoy these photographs and you can see a full screen view of the photos by doing a Left-Click on the photo. Cheers and Keep Looking Up!

The female watches over the scrape from atop the Cap One Building.

The male watches from the Banner Bank Building. (There is a map of the area in a previous posting if you want to see the area.)

The banding team arrives.

All five banding team members.

The female tries to protect her chicks. She can be extremely aggressive and you do not want her to grab you. Remember, she can fly and you are 14 floors above the ground!

The female flies around the box.

The male also defends the area.

Here is the male, tercel. He says, “Hi Bruce.”

The male.

The falcon says, “If I tag you, you are it!”

Left-Click this one and look at Bruce’s eyes and the open beak of the falcon.

“You missed!”

“I’m headed your way, Mr Bruce.”

“Hello again, hello. I’m glad to see you again.” (There oughta be a song!)

“I double dare you to come over here and grab me. I won’t bite or grab you with my talons. There won’t be any need for me to do that. Awww! Please come and play.”

Missed! Darn bird.

The female is checking out the scrape after she chased the intruders away. Now where is the male?

“I’m hungry and so are my babies. Time to find some food. Bye! and Keep Looking Up … You might see us.”

Such an exciting morning. There were some people watching from street level with me and they were all excited to see the falcons, too. I gave out many cards to let them know where the photos would be posted on this blog. Cheers!



  1. Bob you are the most amazing photographer and the falcons are so impressively beautiful. Great shots especially those in flight. Keep up the good work!


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