Banding Video from KTVB-TV in Boise

The Boise Falcons were banded yesterday morning, June 5, 2011, and one of our local TV stations, KTVB-TV, was there to capture this video. Thank-You KTVB for this story and making this video available to everyone.



  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. At the end the reporter mentioned that the nest box was removed from the sugar factory in Nampa, but there had been one there the last two or three years. I saw it myself with Peregrines there.


  2. The original nesting pair in the box on top of the Amalgamated Sugar Company were theorized to be one or two of the PFund chicks hacked in the box on top of Key Bank in Boise 1988 or 1989. Peregrines have successfully bred and chicks banded and fledged every year since. The box placed on the 14th floor of One Cap Center / Syringa Bank Building has attracted a pair [often banded individuals, but occasionally wild Tercels] since 2002 and after the Key Bank box was boarded up.


  3. Great video, although I think they are crazy to be up there without some harnesses! Yikes, that guy waving at the falcon looks like he could tumble right off! Our banding in Salt Lake happens on first flight, when they land in the gardens. Many of us 'towel' people are there ready with our towels to throw over the fledglings, then Bob tags and takes them back up on top of the Beehive on the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and releases them. Thanks for posting the video.


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