Boise Falcon Band Colors and Matches

From the Peregrine Fund, I received the following information on the band colors used for the Boise eyasses and what color goes with which bird.

6 June

We are sorry that technical difficulties prevented us from restoring the camera view after the banding on Sunday morning. The problem appears to now be fixed.

The banding went off without a hitch and the chicks are sporting new ID bands. There are two males (bands are black and white) and two females (green and blue). The banding team reports that all the chicks are in excellent health. It was interesting to watch the adults instantly come to the defense of the nest the moment that the team stepped onto the ledge. Suddenly the air was filled with the screeches of angry Peregrine Falcons, which flew to the nest in the blink of an eye. The birds were in attack mode for most of the half-hour that the team was with the chicks but quickly quieted down when they left.

There you have the latest information on the Boise falcons. It might be easier now to ID the birds, both in the box and then after they fledge. Keep Looking Up!


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