Fresh Photos of the Boise Peregrine Chicks

Actually, these Honey Locust blooms have nothing to do with the Boise falcons, except that the aroma of the Honey Locust fills the downtown area. A nice day to watch the falcons. Little windy, gusts to 18mph, and somewhat cool, 69 deg F. But nice clear skies and some really friendly people stopped by to chat as I was watching the birds. Here are some photos I took and remember to Left-Click on the photos to see full screen. Do enjoy!

The Falcon and the Tiercel – could be a book title – watch from the Banner Bank Building. Here we see the Falcon preening. The Tiercel is on the North side of the building.

“Four little chicks are we ….”. Someone oughta write a song, Ray!

Good wing exercising!

Wing flaps this strong on a windy day like today can lead to massive wing-lift! Don’t want that, yet.

Good wing-flapping.

One chick at the scrape is visible.

And now there are two visible.

And there is number three!

A good hour or so watching and talking to the public and passing out information. I think the public are really interested in the falcons and how we keep the birds as safe as we can. There were some good questions fielded today, “Is that bird ready to jump?” “No, we really don’t want them off the ledge at this time. Give them another week or so until their flight feathers develop some more and they increase their body weight and strength.” Cheers and keep looking up!


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