Fledge Watch Team Gathers at the Piper Pub

On June 20, the Boise Fledge Watch Team met at the Piper Pub for some fun and eats before the falcons fledge. Robin stated on Facebook that, “‎10 of us gathered at Piper Pub and saw both parents on the edge of the ledge facing inwards toward the building as the four fledgelings ran back and forth flapping. I wonder if the parents cheer them on with encouraging vocalizations. The parents did some awesome flying on the evening thermals. Bob took pictures and will probably upload them tomorrow. I made a wager with Bruce Haak [for a Guinness] that fledge would occur June 22-25 [37-40 days from hatching, same as 2010] He bet on June 28 – 30.” Here are some of the people that were there and the falcons that we saw. I must apologize that I did not get photos of Anna Ravegum and Barbara and Patrick Myhre. Keep Looking Up – It’s about to get exciting!

Bruce Haak, Idaho Dept of Fish and Game Biologist

Ray Taaffe

Carl Tate

Marilyn Tate

Margaret Gunnell and Robin Young working on the laptop.

Keeping watch.

Both parents are on the ledge watching the “Little Ones”. Can you see them? You may have to enlarge the photo – Left Click.

Probably the male doing a flyby.

Graceful flying.

Look close and see the reflection of the falcon in the in the window as she comes in for a landing.

All-in-all, a good afternoon! Thanks to the management and staff of the Piper Pub for putting up with us for a while. It is really great to use their porch and wireless to watch the falcons and have a party! Thank-You!


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