Clarification on My Previous Post

By “injured/ill”, I meant to the extent he/she’d be on the ground practically begging for last rites. Not on the building. I am less than 10 minutes away, even less at a dead run, & keep an emergency kit on hand.

As regards the 2nd tumbling eyas, Bruce & I (& affable Coby from 1 Cap) reinstalled her there this morning. She was very well-behaved, charismatic, healthy, & in good spirits. Even a good sport about our manipulating her to wet her down, & took spritzes of water to drink very graciously. Her parents made their presences well-known, but did not actually interfere to any great extent. Even tho’ she’s barely adolescent, her power & sheer beauty were truly awe-inspiring, a feathered Lamborghini. Bruce left 2 prepped quail for her & her parents.

I am now going to go fall off a nearby tall building so I can get some free quail! Posted by Anna – please invite her for a chicken or quail dinner so that she won’t need to fall off a tall building. [Robin]


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