First Male To Fledge in Boise Today!

Today, 24 June 2011 was an exciting day for the downtown Boise falcons and the Fledge Watch Team. Another bird took the leap and landed on the ground. He, White and photographed here, was placed back on the roof of the Cap One Center. Here is the latest about the fledglings from the Peregrine Fund:
“24 June 4:30 p.m.

The falcon fledgling season in downtown Boise is officially under way! Fish and Game biologist Bruce Haak reports that two of the young birds took the big leap today. One of them, a young male (with white band), fledged early this morning and spent some time sitting near the parking lot at One Capital Center, the building where the nest box is located. Because the fledgling was in an unsafe location on the ground, he was put back up on the roof, where he seems to be doing fine. The other one (a not yet unidentified female) spent much of the day safely on top of a building across the street from the nest. Observers reported lots of flying around and vocalizing by the adults this morning when the male was returned to the roof.”

The post from the Peregrine Fund goes on to say, “Peregrine Falcon chicks usually fledge about 42 days after hatching. That makes Sunday the official day but two of these young birds already know what it feels like to take to the air. After being bumped or blown off the ledge, two nestlings were rescued this week and returned to the top of the building (see previous updates).

Males usually fledge first because they are smaller, which allows them to develop faster than their bigger sisters. The nestlings have been preparing for their big moment by flapping, jumping, and taking short practice hops on the 14th-story ledge outside the nest box. In past years, they have flown and glided to the roofs of buildings across the street. If one should land in a precarious spot, such as the street, volunteers will be standing by, ready to call for a rescue. Fish and Game biologist Bruce Haak will return the young falcon to the top of the building where it can try again.” These falcons have fledged slightly early. All seem to be well and healthy.

Here are some delightful closeup photos of White.

At about 1111 this morning, after White had been placed back, the parents became very, very agitated and did some incredible aerial acrobatics. The agitation went on until about 1143 when they seemed to settle down. They were, however, in a heightened state of alertness. Here are some photos of their flying around protecting their young. Enjoy!

Maybe tomorrow will bring some more surprises. Known fledges are White, Blue and  Green. Blue may have been the one on the Idanha Hotel roof. Until we can verify that all birds have fledged safely, it may be difficult to tell which ones are where. Rest assured, all are safe. Keep Looking Up!


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  1. All I can say is “Wow!” Even as fledglings the falcons look so majestic—and beautiful. I am surprised they remain so calm when handled. Wonderful photography, Bob.


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