Fledge Watch 27 June 2011

A good Monday morning Fledge Watch time. To the left, the White banded male sits atop the Berryhill and Co restaurant. Not a bad place to be. It was a good watch morning. Sporadic action, but when it came,it was great. Enjoy the photos and watch for some of these photos to appear on the Peregrine Fund website. Don’t forget to Left-Click the photos to view in full screen. Keep Looking Up!

Anna and Yann le Morvan join in with the watch. The scope sure helps to ID the birds and it is a real crowd pleaser.

Here are some good flight shots. Most of these are of the White banded tiercel.

Room Service as Mom brings in a food drop. (Check the shadow!)

I’m starved!


If these fledglings keep developing at the pace that they have over the past several weeks, they will disperse very soon. Cheers and hope to see you in downtown Boise to watch the falcons. Cheers!


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