Fledge Watch 29 June 2011

A good watching experience on 29 June. Stormy part of the time, especially in the morning, but the peregrines loved the thermals! And then in the early evening – 7:00pm or so – the evening thermals took over. It was great to get a head count on these falcons – we spotted all six on the evening shift. And the people that stopped by were really excited about the flying and the soaring. Take a look at these photos and enjoy! Keep Looking Up!

Here are two of the falcons eating breakfast. They are on the South corner of the Wells Fargo Bank.

Still munching away!

I saw something fall from the corner perch, so I walked over to the area. Pigeon for breakfast. Not bad if you are a peregrine.

Catching the thermals.

Wonderful soaring!

Higher and ….

Higher I soar.


Evening thermal rides.

Evening soaring. Then two of the fledglings soared out of sight and the last time we saw them they were soaring East towards Lucky Peak.


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