Fledge Watch 01 July

The Fledge Watch on 01 July turned out to be great. Starting at 0700 and ending at 1200 was a good choice. Thanks to Anna and Michael for being there for a while. But the photos we got are awesome. Even this little guy to the left who was sitting right above us and singing all morning. And then the finding of the “Whistle Pig” (Groundhog) remains and the remains of some other bird all below the Berryhill Tower. Take a look at these photos and Keep Looking Up!!

One of the fledglings on the Empire Building.

One fledgling on the Berryhill Tower. Blue? Don’t really know, but it has a hoarse voice.

Look close. Really there is a peregrine sitting there.

Hi Michael! Smile.

“Whistle Pig” remains and the remains of some bird just above the “Whistle Pig”. This is on the gravel roof just below the Berryhill Tower.

Here comes Mom!

Hi Mom! Time to leave.

The fledglings are flying extremely well for the time element.

Mom arrives on the 14th floor ledge of the One Cap Center.

On 30 June, we met at the Piper Pub and Grill and shared a brew and some great friendship. Glad to have the Boise Birders onboard and joining us at the Piper Pub. Love the reflections of Boise in the windows of the buildings.

Margaret even found a new friend.

And we all decided that we are extremely happy that there are some folks that like to wash windows hanging buy a “thread”. If they do it, we don’t have to. Such a relief. Better than Alka Seltzer!

So when you are in downtown Boise this weekend for the Fourth of July parade, take a peak up. You just might see one of the peregrines. Cheers!


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