Last Watch – July 06, 2011

Wow! This has been an exciting and very fast fledging season. Seems like it was only yesterday when the first fledgling took that “initial dive”! And now, the season draws to a close. It’s almost like Frank Sinatra’s “And now, the end is near ….”. But before we go, look at White (male) sitting atop the Idanha Hotel lightning arrestor. An awesome bird!

And one highlight of the season was meeting Glenn and Mary Stewart from Santa Cruz, California. Glenn has been the lead biologist for the peregrine falcon families in San Francisco and San Jose. We have followed these fledglings and nest boxes in other locations where cams have been installed and available to us. It was definitely our pleasure to meet in person, face to face. Thank-You Bruce Haak for bringing them by the Watch Team and introducing them to us. Enjoy these photos and remember, you can see a full screen version of each photo by Left-Clicking on the photo. There are a lot of photos here. Enjoy them as we enjoyed the season!

A juvenile makes a flyby from the Banner Bank building.

One juvenile on the Banner Bank.

Breakfast at the Royal Plaza!

After breakfast flight.

White (male juvenile) flies to the roof of the Berryhill building, One Plaza Center building.

White is on the roof.

White flies from the Berryhill building.

White lands on the lightning arrestor of the Idanha Hotel. This is a good series of this falcon.

Just look at the glance he is giving us!

Left to Right
Anna Ravegum, Mary Stewart, Glenn Stewart, Bruce Haak

Mary and Glenn Stewart.
We welcome them to Boise and are delighted to meet them.

Such a great release season. I do hope that these juveniles survive the next 12 months, but the statistics say that only 75% will survive. That’s one quarter of these 4 juveniles will not survive the next year for a variety of reasons. Click Here for information on Glenn Stewart’s educational program in Santa Cruz. Keep Looking Up! You may see the Boise Falcons. Cheers!



  1. Thanks Bob for all your commentary and your great pictures. It sure has seemed like a faster season from the last two. Hopefully next season we'll be able to have a runway webcam too. My sister Alice was downtown this week and said she saw two of the falcons soaring high and having a blast.


  2. Once again, you and Robin have really done an outstanding job in keeping everyone informed about the falcons through this blog and talking to the people on the street. We Thank-You for your superb dedication to the falcon program and for sharing your outstanding photographs. The two of you deserve a medal for your efforts.


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