One Juvenile Peregrine Falcon Spotted

One of the Boise female peregrine falcon juveniles perched high on the Hoff Building. The Saturday Market did not seem to disturb her.

One of the Boise peregrine juvenile falcons. This is probably one of the females. Photo taken in downtown Boise and she was perched high on the Hoff Building. You can see from this photograph how far away she was.

These two photographs were taken with a 55-200mm zoom lens.

But earlier in the week, as I was riding along the Boise Greenbelt, I came across several Chocolate Minks. Officially in the 1987 issue of The Audubon Society: Field Guide to North American Mammals, the Mink (Mustela vision), is “… Sleek bodied with lustrous fur, uniformly chocolate brown to black with white spotting on chin and throat“. (pg 578) “…They swim very well, often hunting in ponds and streams, and can climb trees but do so rarely”. (pg 579) Interesting, as I did not know they could swim, but it stands to reason since they live around different bodies of water. Here are some photos that I took along the Boise Greenbelt and the Boise River on Friday, July 22. Enjoy!

This little guy was running along one of the banks in some brush. They can run rather fast.

He was swimming in the Boise River is a very strong current at the Veterans Parkway Bridge. He was headed for the other side.

Strong swimmer.

Finally makes it to the other side.

Off and running.

I think this is interesting. I hope you do too. Keep Looking Up!


  1. The juvenile looks magnificent on the beautiful Hoff Building. You got some excellent shots. I also like your photos of the mink. One time when Bob and I were on our tandem I saw what I thought was a mink, but didn’t really know if it was mink or not. The gorgeous dark brown coat looked like mink to me.Thanks for continuing to share your amazing pictures with all of us.


  2. Great photographs. It is nice to have some updates on the falcons after they have fledged. She looks pretty healthy and happy. I enjoyed the chocolate mink pictures also. Boise really does have a lot of varied wildlife around here.


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