Fledge Watch Team 2011 Picnic

As the sun set on the Boise Mountains to the north of us signaling the end of another day, pictured here to the left from Bruce’s back deck (Do you like that photo Bruce?), the Boise Downtown Falcon Watch is also over – it ended as an extremely successful season. The job, though, is not done ’till the paperwork is complete. The paperwork in this case is a team picnic! And it was a great affair. The Team thanks Bruce and Evelyn Haak for opening their home to us and for making that delicious spaghetti and supplying the drinks! We also thank Jack Cafferty and Susan Whaley from the Peregrine Fund for the Peregrine Fund Calendars, Ball Caps and the awesome artwork by Robert Bateman. Here are some photos of the evening and the folks who were there. We did miss some of you. Hope to see you all next year for another successful Fledge Watch Season!

Such a great variety of food! Fresh spaghetti, fresh basil pasta, fresh potato salad, green salad, fruit salad, fresh brownies and fresh apple pie. A some really great bread, chips and salsa and mixed party nuts.




Left to Right
Robin, Ryan, Anna, Jody, Evelynn, Bruce, Ray and Margaret

Such a great team. Robin and I enjoyed working with all of you this year and hope to work with you again next year on the Fledge Watch Team. And remember:

Keep Looking Up!

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