Bad News From The Salt Lake City Falcons

I just received this from Liz Schubert of the Salt Lake City Falcons.

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 06:53 AM PDT

I am really very sad to report that we lost Amelia yesterday morning. Bob released her on the Beehive after her night at the rehabber. She seemed fine. It was then that Bob received the call about Sally, so he picked up Sally and went to his office to arrange testing etc. He returned to the grounds to check up on Amelia before lunchtime and found her hanging on to a window frame on the west side of JSMB. She then flew north around the building and apparently landed in the ‘hollow’ space between the wings of that building. When Bob got to her, she was lying prone in a puddle, but alive. He took her back to the rehabber, Joanne, on Tuesday where she spent the night. Joanne said she look well at 11pm, but when she checked on her in the early morning she had died. There was nothing apparently wrong but tests are being run on both birds now looking for answers. Bob said the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks Sally should have been able to tough it out on the observation deck for the 24+ hrs because there was shade, etc. So maybe there is something else going on. Both birds were big and healthy looking.

We in Boise are so sorry to hear of the loss of two of their birds. Sally was the first falcon that they lost at the beginning of this week. Check out their site for more news.


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