Another Greenbelt Tour

Another good day on the Boise Greenbelt. A little stormy with a very light rain, but nonetheless a good bike ride.

There was this California Gull keeping guard over the river along Fairview Ave at Joe’s Crab Shack. He just looked so stately sitting on the street light and being very alert.

And there were other surprises. Like a convention of Cormorants at Les Boise Park. Take a look and enjoy!

Wood Ducks on Sand Creek.

It’s a Cormorant convention by Les Bois Park.

Beautiful bird!

And to my surprise, there was a group of Cormorants at the 36th Street Bridge. I don’t normally see them here.

A closeup of one of the birds at the 36th Street Bridge

And again, we have these visitors in our small, very small, backyard.

I think our Goldfinch family has found a permanent source for food.

And so have the House Finches.

Here is the Northern Flicker looking at the seed supply and wondering if it is OK to eat there.

I guess so … He’s eating!

And now he spotted me.

Such a great time biking and watching our little feathered friends. Keep Looking Up!



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