Sad News For The Boise Falcons

I just received this from the Peregrine Fund here in Boise.

5 August 2011

We are sorry to report that one of the young Peregrine Falcons (female, green band) that fledged six weeks ago in downtown Boise was injured so badly on Thursday that she had to be euthanized. A maintenance worker discovered the injured bird on the roof of the Wells Fargo building, which is in the block next to One Capital Center where the nest box is located. Bill Heinrich of The Peregrine Fund retrieved her from the roof and saw that she had at least one broken leg. The young falcon was taken to a local veterinarian who discovered that both legs were broken. The radiograph shows just how extensive the injuries were. Evidently, she had collided with something, perhaps a powerline or a building. The experts determined that her injuries could not be repaired and she had no chance to survive on her own.

This loss is evidence that the first year in the life of a young bird of prey is extremely hazardous. In fact, more than half of fledglings do not survive their first year. Collisions, predators, weather and many other factors present tough challenges for young birds. We hope that the other three youngsters from this year’s breeding season will continue to do well.

(A larger version of the x-ray is available on the falconcam web page)

That’s really a shame because at the beginning of this week it was reported that all of the Boise juveniles had been spotted and they looked healthy and strong. Hopefully the three remaining birds will survive and, at least, we are not having the troubles that Salt Lake City is having. They have lost two of their birds.



  1. Thanks for all your comments. And yes, Liz, a building collision can do this much damage considering the speeds that these birds fly at. And let's not forget the Hummingbird Banding in Pearl (Idaho) this Saturday. Cheers.


  2. Poor Miss Green. Well, at least we know more or less what happened, but this is a tough blow. The others haven't been by my place since that we know of. I'm too chicken to do the hummingbird banding, frankly. They'd wind up like Miss Green. Hope you guys have a great time with that. Take lots of pix!


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