Kuna Hawk

We were out in Kuna – about 20 miles south of Boise – this morning with our friend Margaret and came across this raptor. A Swainsons Hawk. It was beautiful sitting on this fence post and then it decided to fly off.

Don’t forget the Hummingbird Banding this Saturday in Pearl, Idaho.

The Swainsons Hawk leaves the post, and …………

flies off!



  1. The Swainson’s hawk looks good-sized. How big are they? Went for a wonderful ride in Boise Foothills on Friday—up to an old homestead near a large pond. There was a Blue Heron fishing in the pond and what may have been an eagle flying near a high ridge. I wished you were there with your telephoto lens to tell me if it was really an eagle or maybe it was a Swainson’s Hawk; whatever it was it was big. You need to get a horse, too, to help me with bird watching out in the wilds.


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