A Day At The Boise Zoo

It has been a while – a long while – since we have been to the Boise Zoo. We have missed some great zoo upgrades …. New animals …. New displays …. New programs. Today, Thursday, is Seniors Day. A great time to go. We really were planning to go to the Butterfly exhibit and today was a great time to do so. Here are some photos of the zoo and of the butterflies. Robin fed the giraffe that is pictured to the left. See below. Enjoy! Left-Click any of these photos to see full screen.




South American Cavy



Sleepy Bobcat

Robin feeds the Giraffe



And the real treat for the day. Here are some of the butterflies that we saw. They have a room all set aside for these. There are inter-locked doors so none can escape and they check to see that none have landed on you for a free ride out. Sorry, I can not name these. Enjoy the photos!

And, no, this Damselfly was not on display. It was flying around some bushes by the lake that is in the center of the zoo grounds. I could not pass up the opportunity to photograph it. I hope you have enjoyed these photos. Cheers and Keep Looking Up!

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