Awesome On The Greenbelt

Ahhh! Those lazy, not hazy days of summer and a swimming hole. Or cold pond and a swinging rope! Do you remember when? I do! Such a fun day and to play hookie, too! And its only the second day of school!

Now on with the show! It’s called “Feathered Friends On the Boise River”. Look at some of these “guys” that I found today. And some of the flight photos. I think you will enjoy them. Keep Looking Up!

Belted Kingfisher

And yes, it’s Cormorant time again. I just think these birds are fascinating. They look like a land-locked Albatross or some ancient “thing” flying or swimming by.

And the Cormorant said, “Feet are dragging. Gotta get them out of the water!”

“Ah. There I go. Liftoff! Look out people, here I come,” he muttered.

Cormorant in full flight.

It just looks ancient!

I found the Osprey today. He was on the other side of the river and somewhat isolated. I also found the tree he goes to with his “lunch”. Pieces and parts under the tree.

King of the Hill or Tree in this case!


One comment

  1. Great pictures! I see cormorants on the river all the time but not up close and personal like your photos. I never realized how cool they looked up close.Thanks!Michael


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