Hot Day on the Boise Greenbelt and The Great Kestrel Count 2011

I really can’t say that it was a terribly exciting morning on the Greenbelt today. The Osprey was not in sight; Not a great number of ducks were visible; Not a whole lot of Flickers and no geese. But there were Cormorants and then these California Quail that made an appearance out of the under brush. There were four of them.

But I did hear from Robert Mortensen, albeit indirectly, about his new adventure of the Great Kestrel Count 2011. Here is some information for you if you want to participate. Keep Looking Up!

Subject: The Great Kestrel Count 2011
From: Robert Mortensen
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 07:44:35 -0600

To help celebrate the ABA bird of the year, the American Kestrel, and to invite others to join the wonderful world of birding, I have organized a fun and simple event called “The Great Kestrel Count 2011”. It’s free and anybody can participate. It will be held over the long Labor Day weekend, from Friday, Sept 2nd through Monday, Sept 5th.

Follow this link for more information –
Details: Birding Is Fun: Great Kestrel Count 2011.

I loved to hear about your adventures and see photos of your experience and
share them on the website.

Happy Birding!
Robert Mortensen
Birding Is Fun
Bountiful, Utah



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