Boise Downtown Peregrine Falcon Program

I received this today from Anna Ravegum Taffee, the Volunteer Coordinator with the 2011 Release Program, about the future of the Boise Downtown peregrine falcon program. (Always did like the photo on the left!)

Yo! Consider this an alert. The peregrine programme in downtown Boise is currently rudderless in a pretty hostile environment. I will be meeting with key people very shortly. Please contact IDFG, the P Fund, & relevant city types ASAP in a polite, impassioned, articulate manner, & tell them how much this means to you – and what goodwill it brings to lil’ Boise. Without demonstrated public support, we can almost certainly kiss this programme goodbye in very short order. Maybe somebody here knows how to do an online petition….

My response is: When Bruce retired from Idaho Fish and Game, the release program may have also “retired”. It seems that it may be up to the Peregrine Fund to carry this on. Good idea to contact the Peregrine Fund and Fish and Game via their websites and “voice” your opinion. And think of this: Maybe the program should be turned over to the Boise State University Department of Raptor Biology. Good project for the potential MS program. Hmmm! No Comments – No Program. It’s that simple. But, the falcons will still continue to “roost” at the downtown box. That’s historical.


I just received this from Susan Whaley of the Peregrine Fund. Hopefully the program of “watching and reporting” – i.e., the Boise City Fledge Watch Team – will meet with the same approval or recognition or acceptance as the falconcam has and from the organizations involved in the Boise Downtown Releases. Please read this communication.

Hi, Bob: Thanks for letting me know about this post. I’d greatly appreciate it if you would let the others in the Boise Birds Facebook group know that The Peregrine Fund is committed to having the falconcam back next year. Each year following the falconcam season, we assess its success and look for ways to make it better. The camera was turned off just a few weeks ago and we’ve had a busy summer, so we haven’t gone through that process yet, but turning off the falconcam is not being considered. Bruce Haak’s retirement may require some things to change (change is inevitable!) but we will work through all that with our partners in the weeks and months ahead in order to have the falconcam ready to go next March.

Susan Whaley | Public relations coordinator
The Peregrine Fund



  1. Online petitions are not too hard to create; it's the distribution that takes time and many contacts. The basics are: Who is the target? (IDFG? Mayor?) What do you want them to do? (Fund the webcam? Fund peregrine rescue personnel?) Why do you want them to do this? With Susan's post, are we ok?


  2. it's amazing how you have brainwashed all of your cronies that you are the ONLY falcon fans…anna needs to get off her high hourse, and you need to get off of your power trip! just becuz you were banned the first year for being controlling and know it alls, you are on a major trip that you are the almighty,,,get over yourself


  3. It is generally a good thing when the people asked to be in charge of an all volunteer project have organizational skills and knowledge [ours accumulated during 20+ years of passionately watching Peregrine Falcons]. Expert bird watchers can be fooled and do admit mistakes. Catherine Carlson obviously needs to write her own blog for fame and followers. She looks green to me.


  4. Bob & Robin have been, & continue to be, a great help to the local peregrine effort, as well as wildlife in general. No 'banning' where it counts. We're a little old for sandboxes.We have a 100% fledge survival rate for the IDFG monitoring project for these past 2 seasons, despite a much-ridiculed disinformation machine fueled by half-educated, slanderous hysterics, who obviously have done nothing of any note or worth for the falcons. IDFG takes such things as libel & slander very seriously, also falsehoods about peregrine matters. The latter is a felony. I could not care less about adolescent personality clashes, my only priority is the safety of the falcons, & my staff. That should be everyone's only concern – the safety of all. If I see another malicious, specious, dishonest posting like the one above, anywhere, rest assured I will pursue such an affront with litigious glee. I am the most aggressive person you'll ever meet in a courtroom, & I always, always win.


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