Osprey, Osprey Everywhere on the Greenbelt

What a nice Fall morning. 59 degrees F but a little windy. (Supposed to be in the low 90’s this weekend!) Good ride. Saw a couple of these little Belted Kingfishers. This This little guy was sitting, but most of them were doing a “fly-by” and then they were gone. The Osprey, on the other hand, seemed to be all over the area. I saw 5 of them at different times. They just look so stately and proud. Enjoy these photos of the Osprey and the cool weather! Cheers and Keep Looking Up!

Does he know I am below him? Does he care?

Now he sees me. A cold, hard stare.

So inquisitive. Look at that neck stretch.


One comment

  1. As always your bird pictures are fantastic, especially the Osprey. I love the cold, hard stare, “what are you and will you taste good to me?” The next shot looks as if he is having second thoughts about having you for breakfast! Keep up the fabulous job of keeping us in tune with nature.


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