Perils of a Kayaker and No Puma or Bobcats

This water is still rather chilly! I hope this kayaker had a wetsuit on. This is why I walk or ride a bike. And, as the title says, I did not see or hear any Puma (Mountain Lions) or Bobcats. They have been reported about 10 blocks east of us. I was at the Fish and Game Office this morning and asked if they have any more sightings. The lady behind the desk said that she had received a phone call this morning that there was a Mountain Lion in Eagle, west of Boise. No more sightings of the Bobcat. That’s good!

I think the Osprey in this series is “practicing” his mantling if the cats appear. As for the moment that I shot these photos, there was just another Osprey flying in the area , agitating this one. Enjoy the series. One does not often get to see this action, particularly in a tree. Maybe on the ground or on a nest, but not just perching. He did not even have any prey. Left-Click these photos for a full screen view. Cheers!

Flying at you!

Look close. See him?

The Osprey landed in a tree and sat and watched and called.

He flew from one side of the river to the other and knew exactly where I was.

No prey is visible and I saw him fly from one side of the river to the other. The chase is on!

Much calling and mantling. In this case, it appears to be a territorial attitude.

Think of the practice of mantling much like when your dog raises the fur on his back. Or a lion raises his mane. It makes them look larger and more fierce. When the birds of prey do this, they spread their wings and tails.

Good sequence to show the practice of mantling. Keep Looking Up!


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