Return To The Greenbelt

A long break from last Thursday through Monday of this week. But our daughter Marnie was getting married. (If you want to see some photos I have them posted on Our Retirement Blog and the post is called “The Wedding”.) But this morning, I followed this Osprey around the area of the 36th Street Bridge, where he was trying to keep a fish he had caught and partially eaten away from the Cormorants that were “teasing” him. In some of these photos, he looks very menacing and threatening. The one just below is a fierce looking Osprey. Enjoy the photos. Some are good and then some are so-so. Don’t forget to Left-Click to see these photos in full screen mode. Cheers!

Osprey in defence mode!

In flight away from all of the Cormorants.

Look close and you can see the fish he caught. Do you think he sees me? Just look at those eyes!

Such a stare from him.

Watching the Cormorants that were on the next branch. Just look at that beak!

He left the tree because of the Cormorants and flew off with his fish.

You can probably see the fish in his talons better in this photo.



  1. I’m glad you are back on the Greenbelt—love these photos of the Osprey. He is magnificent—wouldn’t want to even attempt to take his fish away! Thank you so much for sharing these incredible pictures, and experiences, with us.


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