Idaho Bird Observatory Day Trip

A great day today at the Idaho Bird Observatory watching the migrating hawks. (You can click on the By-Line above to go to their web site. Or you can Click Here to go to their blog. Which ever you do, try to donate to the program)

It was great to meet and talk with Dr Gregory Kaltenecker, Executive Director of the IBO project. He said that he would check with the students in the BSU Masters of Raptor Biology program to see if any of the students would like to participate in the Boise Downtown Peregrine program. We may need all the help we can get next year.

Here are some photos I took of the day trip. It would be great for the Downtown Boise Peregrine Watchers to take this trip sometime. Even though the hawks, and other birds, are captured via a net system, rest assured that they are not harmed in any way. These are all extremely capable handlers and some are falconers. Enjoy the photos and Keep Looking Up! Left Click any of these photos to see full screen. They are great that way.

Rufus Phase Red-Tailed Hawk in flight. We spotted this hawk on the way up to the observation site.

Rufus Phase Red-Tailed Hawk

It is what seems to be a long way up the mountain. Narrow, dusty, rocky, rutty road. But here is the destination!

The road up. In the background, you can see Lucky Peak Reservoir just east of Boise. That’s where we came from, more or less!

Robin is walking the road to the very top of the mountain and the observation point. About a total of 700 yards.

Here we are on top of the mountain at the observation point. Gen, from Half Moon Bay in California and a graduate of UC Davis, one of the Observers, is in the background. She was great explaining about the program and answering questions.

Capturing the hawks for banding and scientific measurements. There is absolutely no harm done to the birds.

Coopers Hawk. 3 year old male.

Same Coopers Hawk.

School children learn about the hawks and get to see them up close and in the wild. Such a great learning experience for the students. They all loved it.

Sharp Shinned Hawk. 2 year old female.

Sharp Shinned Hawk

Sharp Shinned Hawk

We must return to Boise. Headed home.

But first, and while we were in the area, Robin said that since she walked almost a mile today, and it was in part, a steep mile, she needed to stop at the Crow Inn outside Boise for a beer and some steamed clams. Her wish is my command! The clams were super and so was the beer. Cheers.


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