Friday September 30

The activity of the Boise Urban Peregrines has been consistent for this Tiercel. On the ledge or in the box each day this week. Maybe he will winter over. The people counting and trapping/banding raptors report that they have caught a few of the Peregrine Falcons banded in Boise from past years up at the Idaho Bird Observatory site on top of Shaw Mountain. They will inform us about any more that join in getting trapped with the migratory raptors. The raptor count for this Idaho inland flyway has averaged 20,000 / season. One of the biologists had counted raptors at the Golden Gate Bridge coastal migratory flyway and stated that they averaged 60,000 / season. I stand corrected from a previous post or statement that this Idaho migratory route had the most numerous raptors; total birds including passerines [song-birds] may have been the intended information. Whether you are downtown or on Shaw Mountain, keep looking up! Cheers!

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