Citizens for an Open Greenbelt and Garden City

I received this from the COG (Citizens for an Open Greenbelt) today. Interesting.

6015 Glenwood Street . Garden City, Idaho 83714
Phone 208/472-2900 . Fax 208/472-2998



Sunday, October 9, 2011…. KIVI channel 6 reported on Saturday, October 8 that discussions between the cities of Eagle and Garden City regarding the status of the Garden City Nature Trail would begin at the Monday, October 10 City Council work session. The KIVI report was grossly inaccurate. The City of Garden City has not agreed to discuss changing the status of the Nature Trail with any other jurisdiction nor has a request been received.

The Nature Trail policy is currently in litigation. Garden City has a long-standing practice of not commenting on or engaging in discussions about local jurisdiction public policy matters that are involved in such litigation.

On September 29, 2011 Mayor John Evans met with Eagle Mayor Jim Reynolds, Eagle Council member/mayoral candidate Norm Semanko and Eagle City Council candidate Mark Butler. Mayor Evans conveyed to the group that a related topic that Garden City would like to discuss with the City of Eagle is the west pedestrian/bicycle bridge proposed to be built upstream of the river split at the head of Eagle Island. All three expressed a willingness to have that discussion. Furthermore, Mayor Evans made it clear that the status of the Nature Trail policy would remain unchanged.

Despite this meeting, it has been reported that Mr. Semanko plans to initiate a discussion about changing the status of the Nature Trail during the public comment portion of the October 10 City Council Work Session.

To comply with the City’s jurisdictional position relative to litigation matters and to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion on this matter, the city has elected to forgo any public comment during the Council Work Session on Monday, October 10, 2011.

Attached is the Council agenda for Monday, October 10, 2011. [No attachments were sent]

Garden City residents are welcome, as always, to send comments or questions on city-related matters to the Mayor and Council at Garden City Hall, 6015 Glenwood, Garden City 83714.

For additional information contact: Mayor John Evans, 949-7422

It looks like the Garden City City Council is still not allowing any public comment on allowing bicycles – there is no law about riding tricycles or unicycles, though – on the Garden City, Riverside Village, the North side, of the Boise River. The “ways” of political management never ceases to amaze me. “…  The KIVI report was grossly inaccurate” – it will be interesting to see how KIVI responds to this statement by the Mayor. Interesting, but still political in nature.


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