Back On The Greenbelt – Finally!

It’s been a while. Too long since I have been able to get on the Boise Greenbelt. Weather related. And now they are going to close part of it for construction of a rapids and to widen parts of it. They are making a kayak run. It should be ready by Spring 2012.
In the meantime, I saw this Cormorant this morning and it looked wonderful! And some of these other birds were great to see, also. We still have a Northern Flicker at our feeders at home. And the flying tricks that an Osprey was doing. Awesome photos. Enjoy!!

This is the dam that the Boise Parks and Recreation is going to redesign. They will be building a rapids. They have 6000 tons of boulders ready to be put into place. This will be interesting to follow.

A Northern Flicker sits high in a tree and sounds the alarm!

And then, there is this Osprey. Beautiful flight sequence of photos.

Starting a dive. He has some prey in sight. Probably a fish. I never did see what he caught.

Starting the free fall. He looks like a 25 meter Olympic competition diver with this arch developing.


These next three photos are of him flying and searching.


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