Boise River Construction Part 4

I kept hearing a Bang …Bang … Bang at the house and it sounded like pile driving. We are about 13 blocks away from the river construction, so I took my bike and went to the greenbelt. Sure enough, they were driving steel beams into the lava layer. Here are some photos. Enjoy.

Looking upstream from the 36th Street Pedestrian Bridge.

The Boise side of the river with Quinn’s Pond in the background.

The Garden City side of the river.

Pile driving.

A grasshopper hitched a ride with me.

American Kestrel watches over the construction. I have not seen either the Belted Kingfishers or the Osprey. There may be too much commotion for them. Here is the plan for his kayaker rapid construction.

It will be some time, Spring of 2012, when this portion is complete. It will be fun following the progress.


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