Banded Pigeon Found

At about 9:00am this morning, I found this pigeon on top of our porch roof. He has mild chest wounds that may be offensive to some people. He is banded:
Left Leg: Red Plastic Band # AU2011 IDA1645
Right Leg: Red band no numbers

Last night at about 5:00pm, Robin and I were going out and I made the comment that I heard a Peregrine Falcon calling, albeit softly. We do have Peregrine Falcons in Boise. I am going to take the bird to the Idaho Fish and Game office on Walnut Street in Boise this morning. He has been in the freezer. Here are some photos.

Location of where I found the pigeon.

Band view. The seed is from a feeder just above where I have the pigeon placed.

The only visible injury



  1. Just to let everyone know: The owner of the pigeon was found and contacted. He lives in the Kuna, Idaho area. Thanks to everyone who helped me go through the process of locating the owner via the band number.


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