Coopers Hawk (COHA) In Backyard

At 0856 this morning I was outback and I caught a glimpse of “something” flying through the Russian Olive tree at a fairly fast rate. I looked up and there was a juvenile Coopers Hawk (COHA), pictured here. Wow! I never spotted one this close to the house. He was chasing the House Sparrows (HOSP) and the Mourning Doves (MODO). And I thought, “You’ve got to get the camera!” I did, but it is a very dark and gray day in the backyard. Is this a “resident” hawk? Could this be the one that got the racing pigeon the other day? See Banded Pigeon Found on this blog. The owner of the pigeon was notified and I did talk to him briefly. He lives in the Kuna, ID area, I think. Keep Looking Up!

Then at 1640, I want to say that the same juvenile was spotted in the area, in a tree just to the north of us. Here are some photos I got of him. There was a large flock of pigeons flying around him. I turned around to get a better look at him and he was gone.


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