Bald Eagles, Barber Park, Boise

Our majestic National Emblem and bird, the Bald Eagle.

An awesome day today at Barber Park in Boise. Common Goldeneyes, Common Mergansers, Great Blue Heron, Northern Flicker, Kingfisher and the mighty and beautiful Bald Eagle. Just look at this one to the left. David Martorelli joined me again and sightings were awesome. He took over 200 photos and I took 134. They are not all published here.

But there is a story that goes with these photos. The two adult, probably the parents of the juvenile, were protecting their territory and trying to chase the yungun’ away. But, the juvenile caught a fish – David got an awesome two shots and he will email me them and I will post them for him here – and the adults tried to take it from the juvenile. They flew off downstream, towards Boise, and when they returned, we did not see the fish. Here are some photos that I hope you enjoy. And don’t worry, we were not close to them and kept 100 feet or more from them. We used our 300mm and 500mm lens.  Keep Looking Up! The Bald Eagles are in Boise!

Great Blue Heron in flight.

Belted Kingfisher

Northern Flicker

Common Fisherman (COFS)

Juvenile Bald Eagle in the morning sun.

Adult Bald Eagle in the morning sun.

An adult pair on a branch. Could the juvenile be their offspring? Maybe.





Juvenile side view.


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