Cooper’s Hawk Still Around Our Backyard

OK. So today is BSU football day and we are into the Pre-Game Party Festivities. (Fresh brats, sauerkraut, onions, shrimp, etc for the game. Maybe a Stella or an Inversion added to the list. Game starts at 4:00pm MST) Guess someone did not tell the Cooper’s Hawk (COHA) that visited our backyard. Actually, there are two of them. And it’s 39 degrees and the winds are WNW@16. Good flying weather, I guess. Robin and I were on the back porch and the songbirds at our feeders left as a mass of feathers, loud flapping, a huge downdraft and rather quickly. That’s when the hawk came flying in from the east. Then it flew to a tree down the alley, see the photo above and the first centered photo. I followed the pair down the alley and took the other photos. I shot at 1000th sec at F9 and 300mm using my Nikon D3000. They were definitely in hunting mode. Enjoy and Keep Looking Up!

Perched in a tree down the alley from us.

Chasing a “Ditty bird” – that’s a lunch bird. They following photos are all in the hunting mode. I did not see if they caught anything or not.

Looks like a juvenile to me. Correct me, please, if I am wrong.


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