Jefferson Street Coopers Hawk

“High in the tree, What do I see? Big eyes, Big eyes, Looking back at me!” (Could have been bear tracks on a mountain) The neighborhood Coopers Hawk -(Merlin) is looking for breakfast. He’s probably watching Margaret’s house – 2 blocks away! But there he sits. Looks cold as he is all fluffed up. I know where he can get some squirrels if he runs out of pigeons or sparrows. Even for the 300mm lens, he was pretty far away. Here are some others photos I took. Enjoy!
Note: Thanks to Anna for the comment on the ID of this bird. See the comments below, but I did have a question when I first published the photo. This is probably a Merlin and not a Coopers Hawk. I am happy that folks make these educational and corrective comments.

Coopers Hawk (Merlin)
9:00am this morning. 19th and Jefferson Streets, Boise.



  1. Yo baby!Are you sure that's a Cooper's? Even for a juvie, those eyes look merlinish to me. Also the streaking, etc. I can't get any scale from your hard-won fotos, plus it's all fluffed up. Really hard to do an ID in such dim conditions, & at a distance. Your thoughts are…? I know, I see merlins in my sleep….Hope you're keeping well, bunky.


  2. Actually, I'm not 100% absolutely sure that's a Coopers. I had questions when I looked close at the photo. It was far away and difficult to get a photo. Enlargement does not do much. I can agree that it is a Merlin! Right here on the corner. Thanks, Anna, for your comment.


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