Barber Park and Snowy Owls

Can’t say that my day at Barber Park in Boise was a great day. Very, very quiet. But it looks like David Martorelli had a good day! The photo to the left of the Great Blue Heron in flight and the Bald Eagle below, are two that he took. Thanks for sharing these David.

But Robin found this awesome article on the Spotted Owls, Like magic, Harry Potter’s owl spotted across US. The article in part states,

It’s typical for snowy owls to arrive in the U.S. every three or four winters, but this year’s irruption is widespread, with birders from the Pacific Northwest to New England reporting frequent sightings of the yellow-eyed birds. As many as 30 were spotted in December around South Dakota’s Lake Andes. 

The arrival of the birds, which can top 2 feet in height with a wingspan of nearly 5 feet, is the result of a plentiful population of Arctic lemmings this summer, which led to a strong breeding season, said Denver Holt, director of the Owl Research Institute in Charlo, Mont.

Follow the link above for the entire article. It is well worth the time to read it. Keep Looking Up! No telling what’s up there. And thanks Robin, for locating this article and thanks also to David for sharing the photos he took.

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