Cold Afternoon at Barber Park

A cold and windy day in Barber Park today. Lots of Canada Geese and Common Mergansers. A few American Kestrels. This one was perched on a wire just outside the park. I also was working with a new app for my Droid phone. The app is called Hiker and, by using GPS, track your location, your altitude and it has a compass with it. From my phone, I was at Position: Latitude 43.569166 N, Longitude 116.144099 W, Altitude 2726 feet. You can see where I was by entering the Lat and Long in a map program, like Google Maps or Earth. The Kestrel pictured here and below is simply beautiful. Enjoy these photos. Keep Looking Up!

American Kestrel on a wire.

Just beautiful colors! “Here’s lookin’ at ya.”

Common Merganser (not a Common Goldeneye) in flight. See the comments.

Canada Geese

As a note: Thanks to Robert Mortensen (SLC, Utah) and Greg Stone (Emmett, ID) for the correction on the Common Merganser. Thanks! I always appreciate the corrections and the comments.


  1. Still a big fan of your blog and follow every post! You help me keep in touch with my home turf. I think your flying bird may be a Common Merganser rather than a Common Goldeneye based on bill color and lack of white face marking, but it could just be the angle of the shot.


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