Boise River Construction – Jan 2012

They finally finished most of the construction on the Boise River Rapids. They are starting their “clean-up” and this truck has just delivered a load of rock and dirt to re-build the Greenbelt. The other photos below show the construction as it was a month ago and then today. The river water is now flowing in the river bed and not through Quinn’s Pond. The first two photos below show how the river was completely diverted and what it looks like today. The pictures were taken in almost the same spot. Enjoy!

Here is the “road” that the construction vehicles use. Eventually, the Greenbelt will be back in shape so it can be used to walk, run or bike on. It should be nice.

Re-building the Quinn’s Pond bank.

The next two photos don’t look to exciting. But, there are hydraulics in place (see the first photo) that will control the “look” of the river and the rapids for kayakers.

The “dam” here is all hydraulically controlled.

This is the artists conception of the finished product. This really looks interesting and it will be an exciting spring this year when it opens!

The Mergansers are still in the area.


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