Male Peregrine Falcon Spotted in Downtown Boise

Today at about 1415, a male Peregrine Falcon was spotted in downtown Boise on the I-Beam, a very low resolution security camera at this distance. I went downtown and captured the falcon at the box. Pretty good lighting. The songbirds we have at our home feeders are in breeding plumage and they are “struttin’ their stuff!” So it might be time that the downtown falcons begin to look for their mates.

As a note: The female from the past several years was reported dead late last year. My problem is that her leg band number was never determined, as far as I know. No one can say what that number is/was. Therefore, I have a difficult time in believing that the female falcon found was, in fact, the female of our breeding pair. If anyone has detailed data that confirms her demise, it would be nice to see and read. “Word-of-mouth” will not suffice. But here is the male that was spotted today. He looks good. Well fed. Healthy. Enjoy these photos.

The falcon as seen on I-Beam

Sitting at the “hack” box – nesting box.

Photo from directly below the falcon.


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