IBLE Survey and Boise Peregrine Falcons

On February 28, Robin and I took our February IBLE Survey south of Lake Lowell in Nampa. A good 70 mile, 4 hour trip. The weather was good, much better than the previous several days. I almost forgot about the survey. But here are some photos of a Red-Tailed Hawk family that we saw and I photographed. Enjoy.
Just below these photos are some pictures of the Boise Downtown Peregrine Falcons. Yes, they have returned!

Red-Tailed hawk

Red-Tailed hawks on nest.

Red-Tailed Hawk keeping watch.

500+ sheep are moving along the highway. Off to greener pastures?

And then on our extra day, February 29, two Peregrine Falcons were spotted “flirting” in downtown Boise. Maybe another good year for our Boise Falcons? I hope so. here are some photos – I need more practice. Enjoy! and Keep Looking Up!

One, probably the male, is sitting high on the corner of the Cap One Building. (Little black speck) The second falcon, is sitting at the scrape (white dot), probably the female.

Probably the male on the corner of the building. That might be “lunch” in front of him.

The female sitting in the scrape area.

Watching from the top of the box.

They are here! Hopefully we will be able to ID these birds. Got to see the bands, if there are any. If they are “wild” ones, what happened to at least one from last year? Keep Looking Up!



  1. Hello, I take the bus from downtownn and am the stop across from The Record Exchange. I saw two falcons coming out of the box yesterday and then soaring around downtown. Exciting to know they are back! Jan – 3-16-12


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