Boise Falcon Cam Update From the Peregrine Fund

I just received this notice from the Peregrine Fund World Center for Birds of Prey.

Peregrine Falcon Webcam News

Welcome to the 2012 falconcam season sponsored by The Peregrine Fund, Idaho Fish and Game Department, and Fiberpipe.

Live streaming video is now available at

This is the fourth year a webcam has monitored the site where wild Peregrine Falcons raise their young. The nest box is located in downtown Boise, Idaho, on a ledge at the top of One Capital Center, 10th and Main streets.

If you are signed up to receive Falconcam Updates, we will continue sending you regular emails about what’s happening at the nest. If you aren’t yet signed up, please take a moment and register at Simply create your own login and password and check the box for Falconcam Updates.

Thank you for your support of our webcam project and your interest in these fascinating birds!

Look for the link to the Peregrine Fund and the Peregrine Web Cam in the sidebar of this page. It looks like the Peregrine Season is upon us. And just to let you know, the Fledge Watch Team is forming. Interested? Keep Looking Up!


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