The Boise Peregrines Are Singing!

Anna Ravegum Taffee was right when she posted on her web site early this morning, that the “Tiercel’s [male Peregrine falcon] been making tons of wooing noise for a while now. Left for a bit, came back with a juicy token, which he announced to his seemingly absent love interest. Now he’s sitting on top of the box, alternately eating and ee-chupping [it’s a mating call that they make in the spring and trying to attract a female]. Locator calls at the moment, along with the strident ee-chupping.” He brought her food, but she is not around – at least where we can see her. He looks forlorn and lonesome.
But then, too, there were a lot of “invaders” into his territory this morning. Canada Geese sitting on the 5th floor ledge and the window washers on the east side of the building. Look at these photos I took this morning. Keep Looking Up!

The Tiercel sits and waits. The males are so very patient!

Window washers hang by a “thread” 10 floors above the street.

A Canada Goose sits on the 5th floor ledge. Now how did he land there? It is not very wide and he is a big bird.

Headed home to Mama on a chimney downtown.

The Happy Couple!

There you have it for this morning. Not too exciting except for the goose on the ledge and the window washers high above the street. Maybe later this afternoon the falcons will fly around for us. Cheers!


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  1. The geese have been such a pain today, at least for my purposes. Well, at least they're happy today! Didn't see the window washers that low, can't see that floor from my window. Thanks for the fotos!


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