Greenbelt Walk Today.

I took a walk on the Greenbelt today and I was surprised to see some of the spring flowers in bloom, like the one here. The river flow is about 5900cfm. The irrigation canals are being filled. That’s a pretty good flow and I would not like to fall in at that rate.

Then I saw these birds. The Mallard Duck and the Osprey photos are awesome, at least I think so. I can not ID the other waterfowl. Can you? Let me know. In the meantime, enjoy these photos and Keep Looking Up! These photos are awesome if you Left-Click them. (I did not get to watch the falcons today in downtown Boise.)


Beautiful Mallard Duck. Look at his reflection in the calm water. Good mirror image.

I can not ID this duck. Let me know if you know what it is. (American Wigeon – Anna Ravegum Taffee. See “Comments”)




  1. Dunno if my comment posted ok on the blog, or not – page was acting up like mad. Just in case, the mystery 'duck' in question is one I've been seeing around – as far as I know, it's an American Wigeon, & it's a little unusual for him to be here. So, we're lucky to have him.


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